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The term Computer Generated Imagery was first coined back in the 1970s when the concept of creating realistic visual effects was used in movies such as Star Wars and Westworld. In the intervening 50 years technology has come a long way and the art of CGI is no longer restricted to big budget movies but is accessible for businesses small, medium and large.

We’ve created 3D moving image and 2D CGIs since the mid-90s for a variety of clients. Our first test animation, which we creatively titled ‘Fish Movie’ , came in 1997. Rendering it took a while! Since then we’ve supported customers with product visualisations, animated fly-throughs and today we’re creating interactive content that provide immersive experiences to help businesses sell products, explain features, train colleagues and demonstrate capabilities.

We’re supported by experts who programme and animate with the latest software packages like Unreal Engine, which when combined with our creatively and storytelling capability, enables us to create some truly compelling content that our clients and their customers love.

Our CGI portfolio.

And if you’d like a chuckle, here’s the Fish Movie from 1997!

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