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We work hard to get the most from your social output

  • Analyse your recent output and results
  • Check out the market, competitor and audience
  • Determine your targets and aims
  • Develop a strategy and ideas unique to your business or brand
  • Make best use of any paid budgets
  • Create all content including graphics, copy, animation
  • Schedule, deliver and manage
  • Report regularly and evolve to maximise returns

The social media channels we can help you manage include:

Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | LinkedIn | YouTube | TikTok

Social media solves many business problems. From launching products and generating brand awareness, to finding leads and driving sales. As an experienced social media agency, we know how best to use it to achieve your objectives and integrate it into other channels.

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A skilled team

We focus on two main factors when it comes to social media marketing; organic social and paid social. Organic social is all about non-paid activity on your social media channels. This includes everything that you see when you visit your brand’s profile – from managing channels to communities. Paid social is all about paid for social media advertising activity.

Both social media tactics are integral to develop a strong social media strategy, whatever your business or industry.

Maintaining an active social media presence on many platforms where your customers already are is vital. Our skilled social media team keep ahead of current social trends on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter and many others. We analyse insights and create engaging and original content and imagery.

Creating & scheduling your posts

Managing a business profile on social media requires a clear content plan, unwavering consistency and tonnes of creativity. To ensure your posts look great, we use a combination of custom made creative graphics, animation and video to present eye-catching, scroll stopping content.

Because we create content plans in advance, you get the opportunity to give us your feedback and have the ultimate say on posts. We review your account and determine the optimal time for your posts to go live, ensuring the highest engagement.

Captivating social videos

Over the years, we’ve created many corporate and professional videos for social media channels. We’ve learnt just how powerful social videos can be for engaging with customers.

We know that to engage your audience, the video has to be the correct length for each social platform and should always open with a key message.

We have the expertise to help your brand create effective social video marketing with content. We can create amazing social videos using an extensive database of high definition stock videography.

We created this animation as an 'explainer' video to highlight the benefits of dual fill (cold, as well as hot water feeds) on Ebac washing machines. It was designed to explain what dual fill is, how it can help save money and let prospective buyers know it’s there. It also sets Ebac’s washing machines apart from every one of their competitors.

Responding to your customers

Not only is posting often important, so is replying to incoming messages and comments. Regular conversations with your customers are important for developing trust in your brand.

We use community management to develop meaningful conversations with influencers in your industry. Our approach allows you to gain increased exposure. We’ll also use it to engage with your regular followers to increase the number of your fans.

We can handle inbox messaging for you, so your customers are never left waiting for long.

Facebook advert creation & targeting

Social ads such as Facebook Ads or LinkedIn Ads are an essential element of building a community around your brand. Social media ads create leads, drive sales and build awareness. Our team plan, create and target social ad campaigns that deliver results.

Our team contains Facebook Certified Digital Marketing Associates who understand how to get the best return on your investment. We use ads to grow your Facebook page with followers who fit your customer profile to increase your credibility and reach.

Once set up, our team will fine-tune your ads by optimising your targeting and creative so that budget is spent on the best performing campaigns.

Influential Instagram ads

You can’t ignore Instagram promotion any longer. Spending on Instagram Advertising has doubled year on year. Insta ads are now part of Facebook, we can help you incorporate Instagram ads into your social media ads strategy.

We can help you capture attention from some of the millions of Insta accounts. By using Stories Ads, Photo Ads, Carousel Ads and Video Ads we’ll expand your reach, add engagement and increase your company’s influence.

We target your Instagram ads based on many factors including users’ locations, interest in topics, retargeting people you’ve already done business with and ‘lookalike’ audiences.

Making the most of Linkedin ads

LinkedIn advertising has proven to be a compelling option to reach targeted individuals in your sector or niche. We offer all types of LinkedIn advertising, including LinkedIn Sponsored Content, Text Ads, Message Ads and Dynamic Ads.

Our team of skilled LinkedIn advertising marketers will help you target your LinkedIn ads to location, a specific audience, job titles and more. We can help you retarget your web visitors or advise you on how to make use of your existing custom target lists.

Reporting back to you

The reports we produce for you give you clear insights into the key metrics that matter most to your business. They include audience growth, engagement, clicks and goals.

We can even tell you which of the posts have performed best in any given period. These will be broken down by impressions, engagement percentage and engagement breakdown.

When you need to know who is engaging with your social presence, we provide a regular demographic breakdown for each profile.

We’re an experienced social media marketing agency, so contact us today and discover how we can help you maximise the strength of social media for your business.

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