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It’s fair to say marketing is about engaging with your audience in the right place and at the right time. That means connecting with them via all of the channels where they are already spending time. Enter digital marketing.

Digital marketing, also known as online marketing, is the promotion of your brand, products and/or services online. Whatever your business goal, we can help you leverage multiple digital channels. From search engines and online content to social media and paid advertising, we’ve got all bases covered.

Contemporary, stylish websites

One of our first jobs as part of a digital marketing strategy will be to analyse your website. What matters is that you have a digital presence you can be proud of, as it’s often the first place your potential customer will find you.

All our websites are designed by our studio creatives before they are coded our experienced web development team. Every site that leaves our hands offers you a unique and bespoke design that works seamlessly across all types of device. We have a collaborative design process, which considers your feedback at every stage.

Our primary CMS tool is the powerful open-source Expression Engine. Websites built using this framework are future-proofed and offer you world-class support. Your website design is bespoke to you, but we know this may not be needed in every case. For this reason, we can also tailor existing templates to your business using many of the major template website solutions. Whether that’s Wix, Squarespace, or something else, we’ve got every type of PHP template covered.

We're a Shopify Plus Partner agency. We draw up our creative ability, technical know-how and marketing expertise to push beyond the boundaries and deliver exciting, intuitive e-commerce websites that generate sales and encourage repeat orders to build your bottom line. Out of the box Shopify is a powerful, reliable e-commerce solution, enhance it with our expertise to scale your business, improve your performance and go places. 

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The paid, the owned and the earned

The way we look at digital marketing falls into three categories; the paid, the owned and the earned.

‘Paid’ digital marketing includes Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising, display ads, remarketing, affiliates, paid social ads, and paid influencers.

‘Owned’ digital marketing includes Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), backlinks, press releases, news items and blogs.

‘Earned’ digital marketing includes product, service and employee reviews, social shares, media coverage, mentions, reputation management on blog posts, influencer posts, news articles and forums, that pushes traffic to your website for no spend.

Our job is to select, manage and provide assets, using the most cost-effective tools to maximise your ROI and lower your cost per click (CPC).

Evolving digital landscape

We deliver a personal, passionate and tailored service to you, whether you’re large or small. There’s no ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach to SEO, content marketing, social media or search engine marketing (SEM). Our digital marketing methods are innovative and aim to predict the intent of your customers to get you the best results.

Our digital marketing services have grown out of the principle to help brands to get noticed by elevating their online presence. Brands can help drive potential customers to their door and get better online visibility by leveraging organic search engine results, social media, PPC (pay per click) ads, and content marketing.

Data-driven digital marketing

Audience data is at the centre of our digital marketing strategy. As part of a data-driven strategy, we analyse data from all of your digital outlets. Using these insights, we develop a data-driven digital marketing strategy with actionable recommendations.

We will provide you with a bespoke digital marketing strategy that solves your business challenges. Our digital marketing experts will work with you to pinpoint every opportunity in your industry sector.

We have a wealth of experience in retail, grocery, FMCG, construction, home decor, leisure, food & drink and professional services. Because of this, we can help your business develop and meet its goals with a thorough digital marketing strategy.

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Organic SEO specialists

Just because you have a great website, it’s only the first part of an integrated digital marketing strategy. The next step is getting your potential customer to visit it. We help your business improve all the elements of your website that are fundamental to a successful SEO strategy.

We have the technical expertise to perform advanced SEO technical audits and the know-how to put our findings into practice. These lay the foundations to ensure there aren’t any technical roadblocks that could affect your site’s performance. Our in-house team will look in-depth at keyword data, content marketing, SEO e-commerce optimisation, link building tactics, and website migration services. We have a full suite of SEO expertise to deliver results for your company.

We will work with you to deliver a bespoke, tailored service, helping you rank for the search queries you want your business to be found for.

Making your brand stand out

Content marketing involves the planning, creation and sharing of content to meet your objectives. How you present this content depends on what you’re trying to achieve.

Formats can vary from beautiful interactive microsites, engaging videos, immersive games and quizzes, to informative blogs, infographics and media releases.

We have a team of content creation specialists who will craft tailored content to make your brand stand out. We know and understand that content marketing is not focused on selling. Instead, we create valuable content that inspires trust and brand loyalty more than anything.

As well as content marketing, we can manage every aspect of your external reputation. This can include social shares, product, service and employee reviews, media coverage, mentions, free influencer posts, blog posts, news articles and forums. All these tactics help push traffic to your website for maximum impact and low or no spend.

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Putting paid ads behind your business

Pay-per-click (PPC) is a cost-effective form of advertising, which you will find on third-party websites, via search and on social media. With PPC ads you only ever pay when an ad is clicked. What’s more, you are in total control of how much you spend on your digital advertising campaigns.

The most commonly used PPC platform is probably Google Ads (formerly known as Google AdWords). Google Ads are paid search, shopping, display, remarketing, and YouTube. Paid search relates to the sponsored results in Google search engine ranking pages (SERPs) when a user runs a search query.

Google and more broadly search engines aren’t the only channel that offers PPC ads. Social media platforms including LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter all offer PPC advertising. We are a PPC agency managing campaigns across all these platforms and can suggest which one is best for your business to get the best results.

If you want honest, clear, and tangible results with everything related to digital marketing, then get in touch today to find out how we can help. Get in touch, call us on 01482 627377 or email us.

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