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The Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) sector moves faster than any other. From the design of product packs to communicating your unique selling points (USPs) with buyers and supporting you with in-store and digital communications to raise awareness and enhance brand standout, we can support your FMCG product with marketing solutions designed to keep you ahead of the curve.

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Specialist marketing team

Our team is made up of specialist FMCG marketers in graphic design, web development, copywriting and project management. We create winning FMCG strategies that engage consumers and raise brand awareness.

Brand design development

We use a combination of workshops, design audits and market research to guide our approach to brand design development for FMCG products. To meet the changing needs of the retail and FMCG landscape, we have developed a packaging and brand design philosophy for a diverse range of sectors, including food, drinks and household cleaning products.

Persuasive packaging design

Your product packaging is often the greatest opportunity your business has to make a sale. Hard-working FMCG packaging design has a lot to do with that. Get noticed, communicate what it is, make someone care, persuade them, and give them the desire to take action and buy it!

We’ve designed FMCG packaging for a wide range of products – from a challenger tea brand to household name cleaning products and well-known snack food brands. From a single pack to product ranges with multiple SKUs, we offer enticing brand design packaging options that consider different graphical treatments, branding and innovation.

Brand guidelines for FMCG

It doesn’t matter who you are or how long you have been around, from small independent startups to household names, each one needs a set of brand guidelines for FMCG to set the rules of how their brand communicates and is communicated by others. These FMCG brand guidelines are fundamentally linked to your success and they are the glue that holds the public’s perception of you together.

We will create a fully researched and clear set of brand guidelines for FMCG covering guidance on what fonts to use and when, what colours to use, what layouts are correct on certain formats, your tone of voice, style of written and visual messaging and bring clarity on all the tools needed for you or any external agency to understand how to communicate with the outside world. Having every internal and external touchpoint covered in FMCG brand guidelines saves you time and ensures the outside world gets a consistent understanding of your brand.

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Point of sale displays in the FMCG sector

Intense competition in the FMCG sector has prompted retailers to rely more heavily on Point of Sale (POS) displays in the retail setting, to stimulate sales. Compelling POS for FMCG manufacturers can help to enhance products and make them more desirable, as well as help customers make more informed choices during their shop.

We design all types of creative marketing solutions for FMCG including direct marketing, direct mail, POS, digital print, lytho printing, outdoor printing and large format printing.

Creative and bespoke FMCG content marketing

Our team has worked with some of the UK’s leading FMCG manufacturers and food companies on both B2B and B2C campaigns. We have built up years of combined expertise to implement creative and bespoke content marketing, PR and social media strategies to get your products flying off the shelves!

Solving social media headaches

Our social media content for FMCG solves a problem the brand’s target audience might have. We run campaigns designed to increase engaged followings. We develop unique content and graphics for the retail market, that are helpful for your audience.

Right audience, right channels

Our expertise in FMCG marketing lies in targeting the right audience through the right channels. We create relevant content that helps brands convert visitors into customers. As a team, we are experienced in running successful radius targeting campaigns. Whether yours is a business, retail location or a neighbourhood, we guarantee that the right ads reach the right people.

Personalised solutions for FMCG

Every FMCG brand leans heavily on its USPs, so we design digital and traditional solutions that are unique to every brand. We use our creative skills to make your brand known to buyers.

We work with all types of clients from start-ups to established FMCG brands. If you’ve got a project, get in touch and let’s talk!

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