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The importance of a good editor for your marketing success

A good editor improves writing quality, enhances the clarity of ideas, and makes writing fit for an audience. An editor, especially a talented one, helps your writing become the best it possibly can be.

The term ‘editing’ is often used interchangeably with proof-reading. However, any professional editor will tell you there is more to content editing than just proof-reading.

Editing is vital to content marketing success because it goes beyond basic spelling corrections. A content editor keeps your project content relevant to your audience and ensures it remains consistent with your brand’s tone of voice. They can fact-check content, remove unintentional prejudice, and keep your marketing content streamlined and authentic.

Editors provide three main types of editing. Depending on the scope of your project, a good editor will be able to help you with all the following types of editing:

Copy editing

Copy editing focuses on the grammatical aspects of marketing content. Editors look to correct spelling, grammar, and punctuation issues. Also, a copy editor searches for overused words, poor word choice, and modifier errors.

Line editing

Line editing involves review word choices, styling, and the tone of voice of a piece of marketing. This type of editing catches repetitive phrasing, inconsistencies, and awkward tones that may not be a positive reflection of your business.


A proof-reader thoroughly analyses your written work and finds even the most minute typos, grammatical errors, and formatting issues. Proofreading adds the final polish to make your work shine.

Made in Britain’s new editor

Made in Britain, the not-for-profit organisation that supports British manufacturers globally with a registered collective mark system to help them sell more, has named us as their new digital content editors following a competitive pitch process.

The team at Design Workshop will take the lead with the Made in Britain website and help develop the organisation’s future content strategy and create great-to-read articles that will help keep audiences reading, increase dwell times, and improve the user experience.

The editor role will also involve producing high quality short, and feature length news articles, as well as weekly newsletters, from mixed source content from Made in Britain’s nearly 2000-strong membership, executives, and contracted partners.

Design Workshop’s account team will be led by communications manager, Richard Smith and digital marketing executive, Sophie Tomlinson, reporting to managing director, Ian Croney (pictured).

John Pearce, CEO at Made in Britain said:

We're looking forward to expanding our marketing and editorial impact by working with the team at Design Workshop, which has 35 years of experience of powerful communications on the growth of British manufacturing, retail and FMCG companies. DW is a fantastic fit for Made in Britain - a diverse community of close to 2,000 British manufacturing firms, all with remarkable success stories to share.

John Pearce, CEO at Made in Britain

Design Workshop’s Ian Croney said:

We’re honoured and excited to be working with such an iconic brand, assisting them in growing their online presence as our partnership develops. We can draw upon our years of manufacturing experience that make us uniquely positioned to provide content copywriting, editorial, and video editing services to Made in Britain. We can’t wait to get started!

Ian Croney - Design Workshop managing director
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