Boots Liberelle compact tampons packaging

Saving time and resources

Design to repro-ready artwork

Working with Ontex to extend the Boots Liberelle femcare range, we saved the company time and money by reproducing the creative packaging design and delivering repro-ready artwork in one seamless process.

Key results

  • Consumer packaging design
  • Repro-ready artwork production
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Project outline

Ever tightening budgets and timescales make the delivery of innovative brand design and packaging roll outs difficult for brand managers and marketing executives to manage.

The two elements of creative design and repro-ready artwork are often treated as separate parts of the project, which are regularly completed by two different organisations. Communication between two potentially competing companies can be tricky and is likely to add to time and budget pressures as well as increasing the complexity of managing the project.

But that is exactly the job we were tasked with when recreating packaging for an extension to Boots’ Liberelle femcare range that features a confident, striking design, bringing freshness to a category dominated by clinical cues.


We thought about every aspect to reproduce repro-ready artwork and extend the branding to new products within the range, taking into account colours and finishes, resolution of imagery and application to real cutter guides.

Inheriting the original creative files involved us reducing colours to a sensible amount that kept print budgets in check, even rebuilding files in order to deliver the creative to its maximum potential.

We thought methodically about the end product goals of print ready artwork. Working to this model meant we were able to reproduce the creative packaging design and deliver repro-ready artwork in one seamless process, making the delivery designs and rollouts much simpler without compromising on creativity.

Boots newborn nappies

Design Workshop brought all of their design know-how and technical proficiency to this project, to deliver quality repro-ready artwork that ensured the new products fitted beautifully into the range. Their ‘design to artwork’ philosophy saved us valuable time and money, as well as giving us peace-of-mind through reliable project management and adherence to existing brand guidelines.


About the Boots Liberelle range

Boots’ Liberelle range has been around since the 1980s and brings freshness to the femcare category offering a confident, striking design that is often dominated by clinical cues. Packaging stands out on the shelf with simple colour coding to help shoppers navigate the range.

Marketing activity in this campaign

  • Repro-ready artwork
  • Packaging design
  • Print liaison
  • Brand identity
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