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Supporting global growth

Discover how we supported access control specialists TLJ Access Control in their global expansion mission and reached US, European, African and Asian markets with a redeveloped website, enhanced web technologies and a revisualised interface.

Key Results

  • Expanded global reach with multilingual content
  • Enhanced frontend web appearance for better user experience
  • Strengthened user experience with improved web content
  • Upgraded CMS and web-component based solutions

Project Outline

As a previous client, TLJ Access Control reached out to us to share their ambitions of creating a greater global presence. They operate in multiple sectors including student accommodation, hospitality and leisure, hotels and, most recently, multi-family residential (BTR/PRS) properties. They specialise in contactless locks and access management system to provide unrivalled flexibility against other market competitors.

After sealing their mark on the UK and Irish market, their next mission was to take their control systems global and disrupt the US, European, African and Asian markets in order to become world leaders in access control solutions.


As TLJ were a returning client, we had a solid foundation to work from. We began by improving the CMS using Expression Engine version six and developed a web-component based solution making it easier for the client to update content and build new pages in-house as required.

Whilst implementing these changes, we enhanced the frontend appearance to make the site easier to navigate and for the consumer to be locate relevant information swiftly. We also reformed the site content with graphics, videos, improved product details and case studies and since the launch of these changes, the client has achieved a 65% increase in time spent on the site and a 6% bounce rate reduction.

A factor that we considered when refreshing the site content was the countries that it would reach and, because of the fact that we were targeting US and European markets, we decided to translate the relevant site content into Spanish. We have seen a 36% increase in international web traffic since this language addition.

After we made these changes and they had been live for a period of time, we created a report for the client and discovered that 90% of web visitors were new and there was a 616% increase in goal conversion. Both of these findings reiterate a positive outcome against the client’s objectives.

About TLJ

TLJ is a globally active British company providing flexible, integrated access control solutions, contactless electronic door locks and accessories. TLJ was founded in 2009 by Tony Martin and his two sons, Luke and Joe.

Marketing Activity in this Campaign

  • CMS improvement Expression Engine version six
  • Web-component based solution development
  • Web content enhancements
  • Content translations to Spanish
  • Strengthened frontend appearance
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